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Why Should You Try Special Packaging?

Why Should You Try Special Packaging?

If you take a lot of pills and don’t enjoy sorting them yourself, this service is for you. Of course, those are not the only features special packaging has to offer. Tony’s Pharmacy encourages you to try this option, because:

  • It is cheaper.
    Are you used to buying your medicine by the bottle? There’s nothing wrong with that. But, what if you have the option to purchase your prescription only as needed? Special packaging allows you with that choice.
  • It is easier to open.
    Pulling a pill bottle open can be tough, especially when you don’t have enough grip strength. If you’re not careful, you could end up spilling the entire contents of the bottle. Oh, that would have been a waste! Well, with special packaging, that can be avoided. Each packet can be easily opened with very little effort.
  • It can to protect your pills from contamination.
    Have you ever accidentally left your medication bottle loosely closed? This introduces moisture, air, or heat to your prescription. Overt time, it can even cause them to spoil or lose their potency. But, since special packaging keeps your pills sealed in a durable packet, that can be avoided.
  • It is lighter to carry.
    Do several pill bottles occupy your bag whenever you had to leave the house? If you’re tired of lugging these containers along, switch to special packaging. Through it, you will only need to bring along the doses you need for the duration of the trip. All in all, it is a great solution to medication management.

Where can you get special packaging?

We’re a Pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio that offers this service for you and your family. With it, we hope that you will never forget or get confused about taking your medicine again.

If ever you have other concerns about this service. Or, would like to know the other applications that come with it, call us. We have staff on standby that is ready to help you out. You can also reach us through e-mail.

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