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Why Are Generics so Affordable?

Why Are Generics so Affordable?

When you are at your local pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, there are many different choices of medications available to you. However, they can be broken down into two different categories. You have the pricey brand name medications and you have the more affordable generic medications. So, why are generics so easy on the wallet?

  1. No Research and Development Needed
    One of the main reasons why brand name medications are so expensive is because of all of the research and development that goes into creating them. This is a time-consuming and expensive process. In order for pharmaceutical companies to make their investments back, they are forced to charge more expensive prices on their products.
  2. Marketing
    Many pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money marketing their products. However, generic drugs do not have to do this. When someone is looking for affordable Generic Medicine in Ohio, they can simply mention the brand name and purchase the cheaper generic option at their local pharmacy.
  3. Copying Existing Formulas
    Generic manufacturers only have to copy existing formulas. However, they are required to change up some of the ingredients but most of the work is already done. This makes it possible for them to charge much cheaper and affordable prices even for prescription medications.

Generics are a great option when you are looking for superb medications without having to break the bank. Tony’s Pharmacy has a wide selection of generics, brand name drugs, vitamins, supplements, and more. So for all of your health needs, please feel free to give us a call or a visit today.

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