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What You Need to Know About Medication Dispensers

What You Need to Know About Medication Dispensers

Independence is a valued condition for our aging loved ones as they prefer to live at home in the years ahead. However, when they’re taking medications on a daily basis, they can be at risk for non-adherence due to forgetfulness, diminished dexterity to take the correct dosage, and not having their medicines refilled on time.

As your trusted Pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, we always advocate for proper and accurate medication intake so your senior loved one can continue to live with quality life. One tool that can help them correctly adhere to medications is a medication dispenser, especially the digitized version. Here are important points you need to know about these devices:

  • Ensures Timely Medication Intake
    Medication dispensers will dispense a patient’s medicine when it’s already time for them to take the meds. It sets off an alarm, signalling the intake schedule. When the patient is unable to respond to this alarm, some dispenser models play a pre-recorded message of someone reminding them to take it. If they still don’t hear it, a care provider linked to the system will be alerted and will provide immediate assistance to the patient to ensure they have not missed their Prescription medicine at all.
  • Ensures Right Dosage
    Dosage is another major factor when it comes to medication. Each dosage is determined by the person’s physician to ensure that they just have enough in order to take advantage of the medicine’s potency to the full. Over-dosage and under-dosage are both extremes that should be avoided in the intake of prescribed or Generic Medicine in Ohio. The medication dispenser can be programmed to dispense the accurate dosage amount of the meds. This way, even if you’re not around to supervise your loved one’s intake, they can still get the correct dosage.

Medication intake is both a responsibility and necessity for our aging loved ones who are in need of long-term care. If you have other questions about how to make medication intake more manageable at home, ask us at Tony’s Pharmacy.

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