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Tips: Ensure Medication Safety in Your Home

Tips: Ensure Medication Safety in Your Home

Our medicines help treat illnesses, pains, and discomforts. For that, we make sure that our medicine cabinet is well-supplied with the basic treatments for fever, cough, and infection, among others. However, when the medicines are not taken as required, they can also be unsafe.

Your Pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio recommends for you to apply the following medication safety practices at home.

  1. Out of Reach
    Always make sure that your medicines are stored in a place that your little ones cannot easily reach. Children are naturally curious, and this curiosity can be a cause of harm when they ingest medicines accidentally. This goes the same for our pets. To prevent putting our children and pets at harm caused by accidental dosage, keep the medicines away from their reach.
  2. Store Safely
    Ensure that your medicines are not only stored away from children’s reach, but they are also kept in a cool, dry, and safe place. Some medicines that come with Prescriptions are sensitive to moisture and heat. Hence, storing them anywhere you like might expose them to these elements, and consequently affecting their potency.
  3. Monitor Expiration
    Each time you give medications to your family members, double check if the expiration dates have not passed yet. These dates have been indicated to determine the length of potency of these drugs. When these are taken beyond their expiration dates, they may not work as effectively as they should.
  4. Avoid Overdose
    Some medicines contain more than one ingredient that can treat an illness. For instance, some cold medicines contain both ingredients to treat cold and fever. If your child is simply having fever, give them a single medication for safer results.

With your supervision at home, medication safety can be practiced by family members. Ensure that this knowledge is passed on to every member so they will also be keeping watch of each other.

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