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4 Easy Ways to Remember to Take Your Medication

4 Easy Ways to Remember to Take Your Medication

So, you have to take several medications at different times of the day. How do you manage to not miss a dose? Tony’s Pharmacy, a reputable pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, offers some tips that may be able to help you.

  1. Use a Pillbox
    Pillboxes have small compartments, not just for each day, but also for different times of the day. This makes it easier to organize prescription medications to be taken at different times. Pillboxes are readily available at most pharmacies and online stores.
  2. Set a Time
    Doing an activity at the same time every day can soon make it a habit. Consume your medication with an activity that you do every day, like drinking your morning cup of coffee, or taking medications immediately after brushing your teeth. Once you set a specific time, it will become a ritual and you will no longer miss your doses.
  3. Phone Reminders
    If you constantly have your phone with you, why not use it to your advantage? Set repeated alarms on your phone to remind you when it’s time to take your medication. Cancel the alarm only when you have successfully taken your medication.
  4. Notes
    To help you remember when it’s time to take your medications, leave yourself notes. Post-it notes on your nightstand or bathroom mirror can serve as reminders. You can also use a dry-erase board – write down your medication schedule for easy reference. Just make sure to place it somewhere you can always see it.

When Reminders Don’t Work

Even if you follow these tips, missed doses can still happen. If you are still missing doses of your medication, talk to your healthcare provider or pharmacist. Discuss ways to simplify your medication regimen.

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